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I just want the code

To check out the git code, run this command in your command prompt:

git clone git://

NOTICE: Replace "PROJECT" with the name of the project you want to download the latest code of.
The projects are:


I am a developer trying to edit the code


First of all, you must know your user-name and password for your SourceForge account.

Your first step is to "clone" (a.k.a. checkout) the repository with this command:

git clone ssh://

Replace "PROJECT" with the name of the name of the project's repository you want to clone. (Hint: Repository names are the same as the name of the project contained inside of them.)
Also, be sure that a folder with the name of the repository you're checking out doesn't exist already. If one does, then rename it or move it somewhere else before "cloning".
Replace "username" with your SourceForge username.

When you enter that command, it will ask you for a password. This password is your SourceForge password.

So now that you have "cloned" the repository, now go and mess around in there! :D
Use 'git add' and 'git rm' to add and remove files.
HINT: To make this easier, keep track of the files you create and delete.

When you are done modifying the code, you must run this command:

rm -f *.pyc && rm -f *~ && rm -f \#* && git commit

That command will remove all compiled python files, backup files (from editing code), and Emacs backup files (also from editing code when using Emacs editor), and commits the code.
In the editor, make sure ALL files you have added show up in the list with "added" before them, and any files you have removed have "deleted" before them.
Now, all you have to do is "push" your code:

git push origin master

Now you must enter your SourceForge password, and then your code gets uploaded! Hooray!

NOTE: After the first push, you will be able to use the simpler "git push" instead of "git push origin master"

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